Sponsorship program

ReelMatters' sponsors in every country are point people for local events' locations and dates.

   Canada PR contact: Tim Wong
   Japan PR contact: Shin Kazuya      Mariko Hayakawa
   South Korea PR contact: Alan Hwang
   Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand PR contact: Daniele Tosti

Email us if you are interested in partecipating in a sponsorship program for your country.

Pricing options

"A Feature Rendering Pipeline" is a presentation about proven methodologies and work diagrams specific to today's content-creation production pipelines, namely visual effects graphics for film and television.

It is based on 15 years of production experience and collected into a lecture series of over 8 hours and 200 slides, which can be tailored down to smaller dedicated panel discussions.
The complete review covers 5 main topics:

  • A production pipeline from a technology, budget and creative perspective.
  • Lighting and rendering flow.
  • Tracking a dynamic production flow.
  • Lighting elements.
  • Lighting and color guidelines.

These topics include: better practices in CG pipeline setup, production guidelines for lighting and color, and suggestions on how to improve TDs' and shots' cycles.

To support the client's interest, there will be quite a lot of proven production examples to make it

...a critical opportunity for both senior and junior talents and to save on production budgets by improving basic and advanced production cycles.

Given the complexity and the latitude of topics, ReelMatters is proud to offer pricing options which are designed for each individual event and clients' needs.

As a guideline, the full lecture is about 10 hours, including topic discussions and Q&A, that can be conveniently divided into several days.

Contact us for more information and to detail a price fashioned to your needs.

Note, the cost of this lecture will be tailored down to the specifics of the event and the target audience.

5% of the profit will be donated to charity. 

Copyright information

ReelMatters® presentations are based on personal production notes and no proprietary technology is detailed or revealed in any of the slides. 

ReelMatters® presentations are intended as a source of ideas and solutions to common production issues. They are not partial to and do not sell alternative software or pipeline solutions.

No reproduction of these lectures or any of the slides is authorized in any format without the direct consent of ReelMatters Ltd.


Download the presentation leaflets here: (click on the image to download the large size)

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